Letters to Holly

Monday, November 23

Saturday Signing

The new comic store in Asheville held an artists signing. I met webcomic creator Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots) in this year's Asheville's HeroesCon back in June. This was the store's first signing, and it was a smash. I got a sketch, and we talked shop for a bit.

To thank the store for arranging the signing, I shelled out for a big comic. I discovered that the artist and I worked for the same website some years back. She did comics, and I wrote long reviews. The site wasn't that well known, but the owner had heard of it was surprised to find she and I were connected with it.

I also ran into Mazel Tov Cocktail of the local roller derby team. She's a jammer, one of the few team member who score points by lapping the other team.

Possibly inspired by the signing, I set up my one-page comic page in the kitchen and drew at the counter so I could face the TV. I pounded out the majority of the comic over the day to my surprise. I have almost two weeks to ink and letter it. It's a lark of a notion, but it's shaping up nicely.

Your Sister and I watched Saving Private Ryan. She hadn't seen it before. I still hate the script, but I appreciate the movie made with it.

I promised Your Sister to finally model the suit I bought for the August work convention. She approved. I still fit in it. I finally ran again Sunday morning right before the cold rains came.

My Mom is reconsidering coming to Thanksgiving. She's upset by her appearance, no matter how much I try to assure her she's exaggerating it. She says she has a Thanksgiving invite from the neighbors, and that would at least allow her to be with someone on the day if she won't come up. I offered to get her and take her back home. She's still mulling it over. I hope Susan has plans too.