Letters to Holly

Monday, July 1

The Boy Turned Three

We kept his actually birthday low key because the big events would come later. Also, His Mom was out of town most of the week for an on-campus course at WCU. I gave him some Batman vehicles as he has fallen in love with what he sees of the Batman movies. On Saturday, we met up with the Birmingham clan for Tupelo Honey and pottery painting. It went really well. The girls adore him, and they do a fantastic job watching over him. We can leave him alone with them for a good hour with no worry. 

We met up again Sunday, and My Mom and Her Guy came up to see everyone. We all had lunch in downtown Brevard before going back to our house for a small party. He got some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys which he'll have to grow into. I gave him some toy vehicles in Mom's name. Cupcakes were eaten. The kids ran around like mad. We went to the college and waded into the creek. He and I stayed home (he hadn't napped at all) while everyone else went back to Asheville for pizza. He slept like a rock.

It all went really well. No friction, no toes stepped on. As good as we could hope for.

Mom and I nailed down some details for the Labor Day trip to Atlanta. As I learned when His Mom was gone, if you stick to the routine, everything is fine. He only melts down when he's exhausted or you don't have a back-up plan for an excursion.

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