Letters to Holly

Friday, July 27

A House of Sickness

Your Sister hired an efficiency advisor to scour the house. After a four-hour tour, he found much too much humidity in the house, too little insulation around the skylight wells, and giant mold in the crawlspace. We've put dehumidifiers in and under the house, and we're hiring a restoration company to clean out the crawlspace. We may also get a new air unit.

We don't think the air has caused the deputy's constant sniffles. That's probably inherited from me (also, he coughs exactly like his mom). Your Sister picked up an ear infection, possibly from all her time under the house.

I will be in Atlanta next week for a work convention, and we'll be in the same hotel a month later for the Labor Day party. We have most of our costumes together, and I was spurred to finish mine this week after watching Dark Knight Rises, an exhausting, gigantic hero movie.

We plan to watch the opening ceremonies tonight,  four years after watching them in our beachside hotel when we attended your medical school ceremony.

Picture of the Day
A very localized storm.