Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 24

Gettin' There

I just started page 23 of the planned 24 comic pages. I'm surprised to be here, despite writing the page numbers and dates on the top of each page to document my progress. If I finish page 24 and the cover this weekend, I may give myself a week to touch up the art throughout before inking.

You may remember that the minicomic started as a one-page story. Here's the last panel. I knew I wanted to keep that image for the expanded comic, and it arrived on page 19.

This is the half-scale sketch page.
Here's the penciled page.

I still don't know why my heroine looks like Gwyneth Paltrow. Look at that middle panel on the bottom row.

I changed her scoop neckline because I was making too many chest emblems with sharp angles. Also, that rounded scoop motif is repeated on her pants.  And I am not using "Townton" as the name of the city anymore. Gotta come up with a new one though.

Tuesday, February 22

That's What I Thought

I heard back from the derby team. I met with two team members back in August regarding logo revision, and one of them emailed me back today. She says the new b-team roster voted to change the logo after we talked, and she agrees I should have gotten a chance to rework it. My suspicions were borne out: this was a committee effort, and one of the team wanted to put her own stamp on it. I'm relieved the mystery is solved and the good vibes of my team contact remain. She said they are probably not making shirts with the logo, but she did offer to make some to fulfill the contest agreement. I told her to skip it and save that money for team equipment. I can always make shirts at home with the August logo.

And, yes, I'll use the season passes when I receive them.

+  +  + 

We took advantage of yesterday's summer weather to walk the sidekick into the woods. Virtually his entire day is spent pulling up, standing, and squirming across the kitchen floor. He's exhausted when he goes to sleep, and he did manage to sleep all of last night.

+  +  +  

We  had dinner with friends Saturday night, and our sons co-mingled. They consented to let me make a character for their kid to team with ours in the wrestling videogame. 

Picture of the Day
My street gang in 1977. We look good for six-year-olds.