Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 24

Gettin' There

I just started page 23 of the planned 24 comic pages. I'm surprised to be here, despite writing the page numbers and dates on the top of each page to document my progress. If I finish page 24 and the cover this weekend, I may give myself a week to touch up the art throughout before inking.

You may remember that the minicomic started as a one-page story. Here's the last panel. I knew I wanted to keep that image for the expanded comic, and it arrived on page 19.

This is the half-scale sketch page.
Here's the penciled page.

I still don't know why my heroine looks like Gwyneth Paltrow. Look at that middle panel on the bottom row.

I changed her scoop neckline because I was making too many chest emblems with sharp angles. Also, that rounded scoop motif is repeated on her pants.  And I am not using "Townton" as the name of the city anymore. Gotta come up with a new one though.

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Anonymous said...

yeah! lookin' good. to quote your own comic, "You Rock!"