Letters to Holly

Wednesday, October 3

What A Day

Here's my Tuesday.

1) Got a room at DragonCon 2013. 
The hotels go fast for Atlanta at Labor Day. The convention is maybe one of four events happening that weekend alongside college football, pro baseball, NASCAR, other conventions, etc. Because of this, the seven host hotels only offer a small block of rooms at certain times. Today is Oct. 3. The 2012 convention was exactly a month ago. The Hyatt offered their convention rooms Tuesday morning at ten. They were gone at 10:10. I barely got ours, and I opened up my browser to the reservation page 15 minutes early. The only downtown hotel left is the Marriott; the other host hotels have sold out their rooms since the convention ended.

2) Took my comic to the printer. 
And by "printer," I mean OfficeMax. I gave them my PDFs and the eMMA comic to use as a template and ordered 100 copies. That's an optimistic total, but I will probably sell some through the rollergirls. I had no idea how tension the delivery would dispel until a few hours later. Now I'm suddenly exhausted.

3) I got the freelance gig.
I found out a few minutes ago when they emailed to offer final plans and a check. I asked if we could meet earlier than usual on Saturday; we want to catch the airshow at the regional airport.

4) I kinda-sorta clobbered your mom via email.
Last week she forwarded an email about the murdered Libyan ambassador that included a screed against the president. I didn't reply. I treated it like the similar emails I got from your dad (except for the few I did reply to and was met with silence). She complained to Your Sister that I didn't reply. So I did. I tore it apart. I showed how Google and FOX News searches belied all the comments from that email. She replied by saying she didn't read any of the original text and only wanted me to see the dead ambassador and think about the deputy. I don't believe that. I think she was struck that the sage rhetoric of her friends may be the shit of horses.

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