Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 14

Is This Thing On?

It seemed like the deputy was handling the time change well, but last night it took almost an hour longer to get him settled in his crib. Even then, he was still awake, but he accepted a book to browse and said bye-bye, and we could finally eat.

Of course he stays up on the night we set aside to get work done. We have too much to do these days to veg in front of the TV. She's got grades. I got the comic (inking page 16 out of 37). Now I can do my work with the TV on. She can't. When we finally got him in the parking gear, we quickly ate dinner and got to work. We probably called a stop around midnight. And then he woke up at 4 for a diaper and drink. I am currently dead-ish. I need all the caffeine.

Picture of the Day
Getting cranky too.