Letters to Holly

Thursday, May 10

Settling Back In

The drive back wasn't bad at all. We drove through I-40 and ate an early lunch at Cracker Barrel. The deputy slept a little, and My Mom minded him almost the entire way home. She bought him a toy car at the Cracker Barrel store, and that placated him. When we stopped the second time, it was, by utter coincidence, at the same exit we took for supper on Friday. This time we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to let him walk around. We got home around 5:30, and Mom drove home immediately. Your Sister took the boy for a walk while I unpacked the car. He had broken the car by supper; the doors came off. No big deal.

However, he may have toilet trained himself. He asked for the toilet while in the bath, standing and pointing at it. I set him down, and we both thought nothing had happened. As it always does. I picked him up, and he had actually cleared out his belly. I yelled for Your Sis, and we applauded him. I don't think he knew what he had done. We're treating it as a fluke until it happens again.

My garden is mostly OK. Some plants are dead and gone already, probably from too much time in the store pots. But we had enough rain in our absence to power the rest of the plants to victory.

The printer tells me I'm still on track for the May 31 shipping date, and I can only hope that's so. I need to make a drawing for a friend's son, and I wanna finish up my t-shirt idea before next week,

Picture of the Day
Loki plays around on the set of The Avengers. He nailed that role.