Letters to Holly

Friday, October 12

Weird Dream

I dreamed you sent us a large bundle and a note. The bundle was filled with these pigeon-sized cassowaries with elaborate kabuki-style faces. Under the tail feathers, the birds had giant bee stingers. Your note explained that the hospital required all doctors to now milk the bird stingers for the medicines they need, and that would mean 100 birds per dose. You decided that was too arduous and decided to quit medicine altogether. The bundle was about 20 of these birds, and they had already clawed and ripped holes in the burlap sack.

So yeah.

Tuesday, October 9

Show Within Sight

I went to town yesterday to use the office while the deputy was in daycare. If I kept him at home for Columbus Day, I would have maybe gotten one hour's of work done. I walked through downtown for a lunch break and noticed my column of shirts was no longer in MIA. I asked what happened and was told the store had changed employees, and items were rearranged. They kept up one shirt (the beer shiva). Right before I left, the new employee I talked to found checks for me based on shirt sales, one dating back to April. Apparently, they didn't have my address or email information once the former employees left. But hey, late money is still money. I told them I'd send along some roller derby shirt designs.

Since it's practically next door, I gave my comic sales pitch to Downtown Books and News and was told they could carry my comics under commission. This makes the only store of the three that does that, which is fine; I want the visibility. Now my comics are in downtown Asheville.

Saturday was the airshow, and both mother and child were enthralled. They both got into planes and helicopters as regular airport traffic wooshed behind us. Big doings. The boy thinks we can now do that every day. I might have done the 5k had I run three steps since April.

I'm just about finished with the convention stuff. I found out I'm sitting next to the biggest name of the show (Top Shelf, a publisher), and I've got lots of reference pics for sketch chard commissions. The student will be there as art of her mentoring project, and I'll make her my gopher for lunch.

Picture of the Day
This is what's left of the Hawaiian Ginger. We didn't mean to eat it all at once.We're gonna try the marlin jerky with a meal. This was much too generous, and we shall eat it all.