Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 19

And the Results Are In

We can see a big difference, post-tubes. His demeanor is more stable. He's practically chipper, and he's learning signs and pseudo-words quicker. It really is like he's advanced the four months he "lost" to constant infection within a week.

I can see now why people have such joyful memories of raising kids: Seeing a toddler pick up a communication within minutes makes you feel like Anne Sullivan. It's the thrill of competence. This is why people have multiple kids, methinks. They want to relive that rush. But I have comics and video games and running. I'm still good with one. So is Your Sister. Our covenant stands.

Not that he's perfect. His evening schedule is iffy these days. He now melts down at dinner and sometimes cannot return to the kitchen for a pre-bed snack. I suspect he's processing more after the surgery and wearing down quicker. He may also be hitting the "terrible two" stage. We've already demonstrated our separate responses to this: I out-stubborn and overpower. She coos and tricks him with play. Her route is smarter. Mine's quicker. And there we are.

Picture of the Day
This is the sinking cruise liner as seen from space.  Usually, Your Sister rolls her eyes at horrible behavior in news stories, but the captain's refusal to co-ordinate passengers off the ship has her roiling. She's talking death penalty.