Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 11

Glad To Be Back At Work

Between Your Sister working on Saturday and attending a far-off wedding on Sunday and being back at work Monday, these past three days made me glad I don't work from home with the sidekick. Because it's not practical while he's at this age. He's everywhere. Or he's desperate to be everywhere and crying when he can't reach this or climb that. There's only so much assuaging I can muster. I took him to the school yesterday to tour the school and visit with teachers, but he fell apart within 20 minutes, and back home we went. It rained. That removed the park or the stroller as a way to kill time. I was delighted when naptime rolled around.

I had my own naptime Saturday evening after visiting the neighbors. They invited the three of us over to hang out and make s'mores, and they plied two of us with Two Buck Chuck. I have no problem with that. Your Brother introduced us to it during one of our first visits to their house. But I ate very little that day, and my glass was rarely empty, and I quickly realized that I was dizzy even though I was sitting down. I told them that I had achieved "pickled" and needed to leave. Your Sis stayed for a time while hubby and child were zonked, and I hope that time out helped her.

She still feels frazzled despite the weekend extra work time, and I don't know how to help. This isn't grading; this is class preparation. Me, I'd trust my familiarity with the material to see me through -- make some highlight notes and improvise between them. She doesn't work that way, and I think that's working against her.

Moving Picture of the Day
Watch the new Avengers trailer. Watch it a lot.