Letters to Holly

Wednesday, February 6

Good Day

So last week, I was checking my Facebook messages, and I noticed the Other folder had mail in it. FB doesn't tell you it puts messages there from those not yet befriended. I had three. Two were comments on my Commissioner Gordon costume, one dating back to September.

But the third message was from December. And from Australia. A cable-access roller derby show found my Power Jam artwork and asked to use it for their show.

Power Jam Episode 12 from Fans Of Derby on Vimeo.

I said yes and sent them the artwork. They then asked if it could be customized. Seems the Smucker's/Smacker's joke wouldn't fly there. I gave them the fonts to make adjustments, but I warned them that my finished artwork was a photo. I made the label, printed it, glued it to a jar, photographed that, and edited the picture for my t-shirt design. When I tired to edit the Smacker's name on the photo, it looked wonky. They'll try it at their end. I was assured I'd get at least one of each product they made with the artwork. That'll be my payment for the art use.

I don't expect they'll rake in the dough with this. But if there is a demand, I'll make parallel products here and make money off that. Australia, and I can't believe I'm saying this, will be my test market.

+  +  + 

I penciled page 14 of the comic this morning, and it feels like I have momentum again. I need to hustle to give myself breathing space between now and June. It'll be a little tight, but it's feasible.  It looks like I'll be working the big June convention by myself, and that might be the death of me. But I'll die delighted.

+  +  + 

The boy is potty trained. Bribery wins the day. We put him in diapers for naps and overnight. Otherwise, it's Thomas the Tank Engine undies all the way. In other news, I'm fucking tired of Thomas the Tank Engine.

+  +  + 

Your Sister was given Cefdinir, the antibiotic name for a Tolkien character, and an inflammatory for what was diagnosed as a sinus infection. But it doesn't act like one. Still, she's coughed and hacked since Thanksgiving, and this stuff is helping. She's anxious about re-certification, but she would be miserable if she hadn't lost a class to her guidance position.

Picture of What Is This ... Three Months?