Letters to Holly

Wednesday, December 28

Not So Fast

The tubes will not go in tomorrow morning. He has a cold with chest congestion, and the doctors say that doesn't mix well with anesthesia. We rescheduled for Jan. 12, and we're to be there even earlier in the morning than we were to arrive tomorrow. He also, true to the doctor's prediction, has another ear infection. We had an 18-month checkup this morning, and the pediatrician asked us flatly which antibiotic we wanted. We picked cefdinir, but we'll go back for rocephin if his ears aren't better in a few days.

I'm glad we don't have the early morning tomorrow. This week has been a chore, hardly a vacation at all. I toured Asheville yesterday as the car was tuned up, and the sidekick stayed in daycare. I visited the Biltmore Square Mall, and it is pathetic. It's mostly empty, and what stores are there are the small boutique types, folks selling Southern knickknacks. It's sad; I bought Your Sister's valentine's ring there. I also visited the new shopping center on Long Shoals Road. It's more of a town than a mall with storefronts and avenues and apartments on the higher floors. It's anchored by a new movie theatre, and I watched the new Mission: Impossible there. It was the earliest film I could catch and keep my car appointment. If Your Sister takes the deputy to daycare tomorrow, I hope she watches War Horse. So I don't have to.

I visited the short shop while I was in town and met my liaison. She said my stuff would go up this week. I said I'd be in next week to see them. So. We'll see what I see.

I also stopped into Toys R Us and finally bought the Y-Wing. I've only wanted it forever. They're my favorite ships from Star Wars, and I love the mythology they have: All the Rebel Y-Wings are cobbled together from salvaged models. They're the bombers of the fleet, the B-52s and B-17s. The X-Wings would be their escorts and draw fire.

The deputy was given a play tent by my mom, and he seems to enjoy it. She visited Monday for a late Christmas lunch.

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