Letters to Holly

Friday, October 19

Not Much

 Depending on which local handyman you ask, the potential drainage issue at the house will either cost around $3,600 or is no needed at all. The crawlspace continues to collect water, despite the new cover we put down there. One handyman thinks we need to build a drain that circumvent the house and leads water down past the garden (and I'm fine with a drain going into the garden). Another says nope, it's not that bad. We also hired a third handyman to reattach the pipes to the roof the crawlspace. Home ownership.

I have convention crud, and it's no fun.

Despite the cold nights, our bell pepper and habanero plants are asploding with food.

Picture of the Day
He plays the card at dinner every day. He got vampire toys in McDonald's Happy Meals, and suddenly our deputy is dogpiled in vampires. I approve.