Letters to Holly

Monday, February 28


I have finished penciling the comic, much to my surprise. The deputy behaved himself enough for most of the weekend, and I could lay down a rough of the cover. It's very rough.

I see about 8 things I need to fix here (that left hand, for instance, is huge). The plan is to put the comic's logo on the belt faceplate. I knew this would be layer upon layer of marks and erasures, and I'll copy it it to another artboard for the inking.

You might remember that I had mark called "stat" for the championship belt faceplate throughout the comic. I intended to scan in a master image and place it digitally into those marked panels. I remembered how weird similar instances look in other comics, and I took about an half hour to draw the faceplate throughout the story. I'd like to polish the cover and then start inking the whole thing.

+  +  +

We had a rough evening without the deputy, and we suspect he got too hot. It happened once before a few months back, and I worried it might happen with this patch of warm weather. Yesterday was very warm in the house, what with the oven and washing machines going strong. It took about an hour to calm and cool him down, and he was thankfully out for the whole night. The day before, I walked him in his stroller in the waning daylight, and he never made a peep. He's settling into a default gear of tranquility interrupted by needs at both ends. We can set him down and work on small chores while in the same room. I drew half this comic in the TV room. He is, so far, a good baby.

+  +  +

We noticed our internet was cutting out more and more, and by Saturday, we couldn't connect at all. I wondered that my first try at rewiring the phone box had finally ended in failure, but the connections seemed OK Saturday morning. I called the tech support, and things went well until I marked a certain modem light was no longer on. The techie said he had exhausted his checklist and that he'd put in a work order. This was about noon. Just two hours later, a serviceman called from our driveway. He immediately noted the modem and said it was old and needed to go, and he reconfigured the wifi, and we're back in business. I offered him sodas for the road, and he wouldn't hear of it. Nice guy, quick fix. On a Saturday, no less.

He noticed the comic pages next to my laptop and made the common observation that graphic guys always use Macs. I told him in vague terms that my experience with Macs at the weekly paper scared me off them forever. Also, Macs are no longer so dominant in memory or speed for graphics programs. PCs can compete on those terms, making a full system switch unnecessary. I grew up using Macs in classrooms, but my home computers have always been PCs. It was only within the last few years that you could walk into a Best Buy and get a Mac. In Greenville, I had to go to a specialize warehouse store for office peripherals. There's nothing like that in our town, even when the stores are open.

+  +  +

The Oscars stayed on as we traded shifts with the boy during his overheated meltdown. Your Sister lamented that we had seen none of the best picture nominees and suggested we begin a regular movie night to catch all the films we missed. I have no problem with this. Unlike previous years, I'm interested in all the major films from last year. I still have zero curiosity about Slumdog Millionaire. We'll get along just fine having never sat down together. I know this as I know Things That Are So.

+  +  + 

I got my season passes from the roller derby team. Behold the back.

Yeah. That's the logo I made, not the one used now in advertising. This is something of a cluster for the company. But my logo looks good in black-and-white.

+  +  + 

Your Sister got another GOP survey/solicitation letter in the mail, and we spent an hour answering it. The stilted, limited answers fired her up so much that she's now attending the local GOP open house in hopes of getting them off the talking points. It's a potluck dinner, and she found a recipe for a bean dish. She's resolved. She's going to stir the pot. She's a registered Republican teacher, and she's got things to say.

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