Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 1

Before and After

The image on the left is the cover as of Monday morning. The right image is what I've done since then.

I elongated her right arm (our left, her right) so the upper arm length is closer to that of her left arm and making that forearm look less stumpy. I grabbed my toy wrestling belt and posed for the camera to fix that arm. I took some images of my left arm to help me tweak hers, sculpting the foreshortened forearm better and reducing the size of the fist. It should still be a tad bigger than the hand holding the belt.I thought her left upper arm was too long, but I think now that the bicep definition is too big. If I shrink that, her arm should look fine.

I added the faceplate, and I can see now I need to scoot the letters up a bit so they're clearer; the P is lost. I worked on her eyes, and did a bit too much definition on the mouth. I want her to be beaming, but I don't want the mouth to be wider. I'll also need to thicken the waist and hips; I can spread her right side out a bit.  I may also draw the rest of her head when I move this image to another art board. The light on her tights is too far to her right, too. 

So, yes, work still in progress.

That's Your Sister's navel, by the way. I've told her for almost ten years now that I wanted to use it on a  comic cover.

We're debating what to plant in the garden, and I need to get further along in the comic work to give me time to start the garden earlier this year. As of now, almost half the garden will be potatoes, and half of that will be the sweet variety for the sidekick's dinner.

He's unquestionably adorable now. I can see personality and intention and contemplation. He's thinking and trying. He is officially at the stage where he ripples my heart.

As Your Sister put him down for the evening, I installed more cabinet locks. It is not an easy chore to hammer and screw upside down.

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