Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 28

National Pancake Day

A slow day at Maison Debacle. Your Sister worked a little later to get ready for tomorrow’s Parent Open House at the school. Tonight she’s at school until 7, knocking us out of the church’s Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner. I was looking forward to it. I haven’t had pancakes since we three went to Biltmore House and ate at McDonald’s. I still might be able to drown my pancake sorrows at Ihop, offering free pancakes today with a charity donation. You might also remember during that breakfast that we joked about giant apes auditioning for the lead role in King Kong. That was a fun day. And then it got funner at the winery tour, trying our Italian accent on Sangiovese and getting pickled on copious free samples. Ah, joy, thy name is “free hooch.”

The weekly Wings and Wrestling was fun as always as the WWE sets up storylines for its annual blow-out Super Bowl pay-per-view, WrestleMania. I'll post the angles before the big show so you can talk your apartment buddies into watching and howling at the show.

The Picture of the Day
I designed this week’s logo at The-W.com, the wrestling message board. OK, “designed” is misleading; I stole the title from the Wonder Woman TV series. I post there under the name of my old wrestling newspaper column alias, Matt Tracker.

In the news
The curfew in Baghdad was lifted, and five bombings promptly hit the city. About 1,300 Iraqis have died since last week’s shrine bombing.

+ + +

The Supreme Court will hear the case involving Playmate Anna Nichole Smith and her dead husband’s family over the rights to his billions. The Supremes are weighing whether federal courts can rule in state probate decisions.

+ + +

The Coast Guard says it couldn’t give its OK to the ports deal citing lapses in intelligence information about the prospective Dubai owners.

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The newest CBS poll says the presidents’ approval rating has slipped to 34%. That’s a new low.

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The founder of Domino’s Pizza is reportedly trying to establish a town in Florida that will be governed by strict Catholic dogma.

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