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Thursday, February 23

She's Sick

Your Sister was sick all day, as I discovered when I got home and found her reading my comics. Yes, she was that sick. After the Elektra DVD debacle, I handed her a stack of Elektra comics all written by Frank Miller (the guy who also created Sin City) and told her those comics are what she had hoped to see in the film. Another sign of how sick she was is that she actually asked to watch “Iron Chef.” It’s my own fault she’s not so hip on it anymore; I would never miss it when we were first dating, and I think she grew tired of the formula. The episode we watched off our TiFaux featured Conger Sea Eel, and half the fun is watching the chefs try to catch them. Unfortunately, the show gets very bloody right after that.

We skipped the Olympics. Well, that’s not true. We tried to watch but all we found were commercials. We managed to see the very beginning of the women’s Downhill Flail but turned quickly after a competitor collapsed in agony when her surgically repaired knee gave out on a landing. The women’s single skating finals are tonight, and I imagine we’ll watch that.

Another side effect of Your Sister’s illness is that she apparently becomes Wile E. Coyote Super-Genius, as she hammered me at Jeopardy last night. It wasn’t even close. Even nailed the planetary Final Jeopardy question, and astronomy is supposed to be my forte. She’s staying home from work again today, so I’m desperate to find cheats online so I can win. {Note to Wife: No, not really.]

The adjusted glasses continue to be an improvement. No headaches and fewer twitches. I wonder if the darker frames are affecting my lazy eye, maybe pulling the pair to normal position.

The Picture of the Day
This is our new mutual addiction: Ice cream packaged with pieces of birthday cake. I nominate the inventor for Eternal Hero status.

In the news
When even Tom DeLay says a shady deal is a bad political move, you have to consider the port contracts in trouble. Bush contends the ports do not constitute a security risk under UAE control, and news accounts say a security deal forces the UAE to help future investigations into terrorism. The White House press secretary says Bush learned of the deal from the media. I’m for delegating responsibilities – in fact, I delegate all of them – but shouldn’t this at least come up in a daily briefing? The official White House website previously posted video of the briefings, but no more. I suspect the common scene of McClellan foundering behind the podium worried the image-conscious advisers.

+ + +

The fallout from the Iraq Shia shrine attack is very not good. Sunnis claim at least 160 of their mosques were attacked in retaliation, and news reports say at least 110 are dead. The Sunni parliament coalition has backed out of talks to help form the federal government.

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The Girl's Post-Blue said...

cake flavored ice cream is SO good.

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