Letters to Holly

Monday, April 3

Hot Damn.

WrestleMania, despite its so-so build-up, was a [Arnold voice] FUHNTAZTIC show [/Arnold voice]. Chicago delivered a hot crowd that turned on the good-guy champ like he shot their dog, and he still won. We got back from the grocery store with ten minutes before the show started, and we had a ball watching it. Well worth the $50. Get the replay if you have even the slightest interest. DirecTV did their best to give me the Hulk Tantrum by giving me the run around Sunday. I used the remote to order the PPV Saturday night and called them Sunday to confirm. The customer-service operator says her computer is frozen, and she can’t confirm my order. She sends me to the website. I go there, set up an account, and check my PPV order status … and it tells me to call customer service. I do but use the automated system to put in another order, and it tells me I already have. Confirmation. Huzzah. And I don’t have to kill anyone.

The weekend was fun. Your Sister didn’t do squat and spent most of Saturday reading. I finished up the second Harry Potter book (so much better than the film) and sketched a bit. We ate that night at Juan’s and I enjoyed a grande Dos Equis. We flip around the TV channels and find Monty Python on BBCAmerica. And Your Sister finally got the see the Spanish Inquisition and Spam sketches. Now she is truly a woman.

Sunday, after turning our clocks ahead, we grabbed some KFC and ate on rocks in the Pisgah Forest streams. The weather was just great for it.

I had three coffee drinks this weekend, including two yesterday. There was concern that it would drop me over in a coma before the PPV, but I seemed fine. Slept OK and woke up this morning even with the end of daylight savings.

The flu bug may be gone, but now it seems we are beset by pollen allergies. Suddenly, all the valves in my head stop up at once, and I can’t breathe. It’s very disturbing. I tried some of Your Sister’s antihistamine and DayQuil.

Sketch Day
OK, we’re gonna get the Star Wars picture done. I’ll start off this week posting the more polished versions of the pose thumbnails, and each week I’ll post the progress.

In the news
The Supremes passed on a chance to rule on the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects. I listened to some of the oral arguments on the case involving Osama’s driver, and the judges were giving the government lawyer a hard time for his interpretation of war powers.

+ + +

Studios will being selling online versions of theatrical films this week. They can be burned to a DVD but only for play on a PC authorized by your sales contract, much like you can only authorize five copies of iTunes under your user name.

+ + +

Wal-Mart lost its standing as the top Fortune 500 Company to Exxon. Since the list began, there have only been three companies to head the list. GM is the other one.

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