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Wednesday, April 12

What a Day for a Mow

The weather was too good to stay inside once I got home. I changed clothes and mowed the lawn. Since this was the first cut of the year, and we’re still not out of frost weather, I didn’t cut as deeply as I otherwise would. Just enough to tidy the appearance. Your Sister weeded the front walk. Next, I’ll use the weed-eater on the lawn edge, rake up the tree debris, and till the garden. We also want to use railroad ties to border the garden soil and move the compost pile behind the workshed.

We watched the episode of “West Wing” that ran two Sundays ago. We still have to catch the most recent episode, but it won’t be tonight. We’re going to a girls’ soccer game at the high school, followed by dinner out. I doubt we’ll watch tonight’s “Lost.” But we can catch it Friday as we both have the day off.

Picture of the Day
ThinkGeek.com is offering stuffed virus and disease characters. This it HIV.

In the news
Iran’s enriching uranium. U.N. council debates on sanctions are split between the U.S./Europe and Russia/China.

+ + +

If one listened to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday about 12: 40 eastern, you would have heard him relate a story about dining with a friend and an unnamed liberal media person. Limbaugh talked about how the latter two argued at the table over immigration. The liberal was saying he approved of poor people coming to America to improve their lives. At this point, the Rush friend is said to have gotten irate and asked if the liberal would want them to come into his back yard “and date his daughter.”

And there you have it, the white male fear: The dirty people want our women. Forget the expenditure of emergency room healthcare, mystery plaques, terrorist plots, school integration, suspected crime waves, and the increase in language evolution. We can’t have them dating out women. It’s straight out of Victorian cliche where a big, black Bushman (or, many times, a gorilla) scampers off with the African explorer’s damsel. Rush said that he later tried to calm down his friend, to explain how the liberal thought himself the debate winner because he displayed more compassion and that he probably thought Rush’s friend was a bigot. Given how Rush himself told the story, he certainly sounds it. And Rush didn’t call him on it as he should have. One can’t be surprised to hear this kind of shit spouted as a rational support to their exaggerated, ratings-hungry rants, but it’s still startling to hear each time.

Oh, and his theory on the immigrant influx: Post-Soviet communists have created shadowy organizations to drive immigrants into the U.S. to destroy the government. No, really. He cites the Roman and Greek empires crumbling from within because of immigrants. That would ignore the collapse of the empires by over-extending their resources across the globe.

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