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Friday, June 2

Your Sister Has No Soul. But You Knew This.

We are still trying to clear out space on our TiFaux. Your Sister has 55 episodes of "Mad About You" which hopefully will be watched and deleted during summer vacation. Until then, we watch a few half-hour shows and delete them before the TiFaux hits its limit and starts erasing whatever strikes its mechanical fancy. This weekend we watched:

Hotel Rwanda: A dreadfully bad movie with good acting. Don Cheadle fans must watch this. Everyone else can skip it. The directing is bad, the filters and lighting are pedestrian, and the last line (which should hit you like a hammer) is almost inaudible.

Grove Arcade: A UNC PBS history of the Grove Arcade. Duller than dirt.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: We are thinking of Chicago for a honeymoon, and I figured she should watch a film where people do things in Chicago. Plus, she had never seen this before. I thought it couldn't miss. It makes fun of high school, features parade karaoke, and she likes Broderick. But no. She didn't like it. She chuckled maybe three times (shockingly, all at Cameron), and this may the last time I try to watch a comedy with my wife. I also realized that Ferris is a genius at skipping school and flustering authority, but has no imagination about visiting the city. The stock market, a Cubs game, the Sears Tower, and a museum? This is what high-school kids want to do when they escape school? He could have robbed a bank or annexed Indiana.

Revenge of the Sith: We started Master & Commander and then realized we hadn't watched this on DVD yet. It doesn't hold up well as a story. As set pieces and action sequences, it's good stuff. The rest is needless dialogue, and Natalie Portman doing jack shit. Ian McDiarmid completely owns the prequels. He knows what he's doing in every scene.

Justice League Unlimited: Your Sister likes the cartoon. Whoda thunk?

As for the rest of the weekend, she slept a lot while finished the mix CD for Travis. I also worked a bit more on the Star Wars drawings and am nearing the point where I have to decide on tight pencils or ink for the final version. I finally got a haircut and fed the pets-in-law for what I think is the last time. I'm not sure when your parents get back, but it was supposed to happen last night. I haven't heard from them. Kampas tried to bite me when I held her back from another dog. I think she's cranky from missing your parents.

Your Sister is no longer staying overnight in the Sick Bed, and there was much, um, rejoicing.

Mind-Boggling Picture of the Day

This letter ran in Wednesday's edition of The Transylvania Times. It appears exactly as it was printed.

I'd like to think this is a joke letter, but it sounds a lot like what normally runs in the paper.

In the news
CNN reports that extraterrestrial life may have been discovered.

+ + +

A cave painting of a face might be the oldest portrait ever found. Or not. It looks like a mandrill to me.

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