Letters to Holly

Sunday, August 27

Mow No Mo'

My lawnmower is giving me fits, and the lawn is becoming jungle-acious. My mower repair skills are weak, and this sucker is pretty old for a mower. I bought it in 1996, I believe. I think ten years is a fine tenure for a mower that's gone through four lawns. However, I wouldn't be against a reasonable repair price. The trick is getting to a mower Jedi when I have to drive to Asheville on weekdays. It might not be until Saturday before anyone can look at it. Meanwhile, my lawn might swallow the house.

While discussing Rosemary's Baby, the 1968 horror film about a woman carrying the devil's child, Your Sis commented that it probably helped sway the decision on Roe v. Wade just five years later. I never thought about it like that, but it makes a type of sense.

This weekend was pretty low-key, although I did see Brevard College's first football game in 50 years. We lost and lost badly, but this is essentially a high-school team. The coach came from high school, and the quarterbacks are all freshman. I can't imagine Brevard could summon forth great football players from other established teams. Anyway, it was fun seeing college football even on this small scale. We arrived just as the team left the lockerrom and take the field, and I admit I got the tingles. I intend to see as many games as I can; they play at the high school and it's RIGHT THERE. I have no excuse not to go.

Moving Picture of the Day
Conan O'Brien's opening montage from last night's Emmys.

In the News
I used to consider myself a fairly TV-hip guy, but I've seen practically none of the Emmy winners. Not "24," not "The Office," and not "Amazing Race." We used to watch "Law and Order: SVU" almost every day on USA. I'm glad Alan Alda won for "West Wing" as he did a fine job there.

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