Letters to Holly

Monday, November 6

You Can't Handle the Tooth!

I'm scared of dentists. I had bad experiences with my last one, back in high school. He not only used me as a guinea pig for his first application of braces (and thought he could save time by tightening them to get two years' worth of correction in eight months) but he was convicted of selling drugs out of his office a few years later. So I haven't seen a dentist for half my life.

Since then, my wisdom teeth grew in and one of them turned on me this week. The pain was so bad, I couldn't sleep at all Tuesday night; neither ibuprofen nor Anbesol would work. I called Your Sister's dentist this morning to beg for relief, and they indeed squeezed me in for a quick extraction. That's right, it had to go. And I would gladly kiss it bye-bye if it meant I could sleep at night. And I shall, for, lo, the bad tooth, she's a'gone. Tooth extraction feels like someone hooking a coat hanger under your cheekbone and lifting you off the floor. But I was properly numbed, so I was more fascinated than panicked. I got a prescription and took the pill last night. Mix a sleep-inducing painkiller with a guy who was awake for 40 hours and you get a coma. I slept fantastic. The numbness from the gum shots hasn't worn off yet, so I'm doing OK. I got a referral for an oral surgeon to yank my other wisdom teeth, and that scheduling will depend on the success of my audition this weekend. I also will gladly go back to this dentist for my regular teeth duties. They were nice people who helped a poor sap in a crunch.

I have the tooth in a bag next to my bed. It looks quite horrible. But the x-rays showed the rest of my chompers are stylin' and profilin'. I've lived in terror that my teeth have slowly decayed into mashed potatoes, but nope, I've still got years and years of chewing ahead of me. This morning, I feel fine. Well rested and hungry for solid food. There's slight pain between medications but nothing like what I felt Tuesday night.

Her Teams
New England (6-2), NY Jets (4-4), Oakland (2-6)
Philly (4-4), Detroit (2-6)
Man, Your Sis is mad at me for rooting for Indianapolis against New England Sunday night.

My Teams
Miami (2-6), Pittsburgh (2-6)
Philly (4-4), Carolina (4-4)
Unless Pittsburgh wins their next 7 games, their season is done. Miami knocked off the previously undefeated Bears (but they're out of it too). Philly, Carolina, and the Jets had the week off.

Picture of the Day
I finished up another mix CD for Your Sis. That's her boy cat on the cover.

In the News
It's a bad week to be Bush. Not only did he swiftly change his tone about Democrats on Wednesday, but the press hammered him on the 180-degree turn. And Bush could only claim he said things in the heat of campaigning. While he refused to agree he was out of touch with voters, his habit of praising an official before firing them became painfully obvious when Rumsfeld was shown the door. Bush claims he held off on the Pentagon change until after the election according to his plan. But some GOP campaign advisers are saying that they could have held the Senate had he done this a month ago. And now Bush says he can get the immigration package he wanted from the Democrats that he couldn't get from hardline Republicans.

It's also fun to hear the talk-show hosts sing a different tune after the election. Even Limbaugh threw the GOP under the bus and claimed he's relieved to not carry their water anymore. No one wants to look like they couldn't see the tide turning to the Democrats after spending the last 6 years calling that party conciliatory cowards. Those contrary voices and bloggers who said a grassroots effort would throw out the GOP now don't seem so cultish and fringe. This may further legitimize the Pajama Media.


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