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Wednesday, December 13

Day Six: Act Two Redux

We run through the blocking of the first two acts, and I don't have to arrive until 8 p.m. I use the time to track down my last Christmas item (a NASCAR shirt for mom) and arrive at rehearsals around 7:40. Daddy and Mamma and Victoria the assistant stage manager is there. So are the kids. Linda the costume lady is fitting folks with early designs. One daughter is given a bright red dress and a sterling Indian headdress. The littlest is given a Shirley Temple-style sailor dress. It sparkles. It's cute. I want to gag. The older son is given a cowboy pistol, and he wastes no time shooting and twirling. I hear I might get a red bowtie. Mamma admits that she loves saying "Goooopah," and Daddy barks it as "GOOpa." It cracks me up.

We start the Act Two run-through a little after eight, and it's just the one time. Daddy and Brick have some trouble keeping their blocking in line over their considerable time onstage. This is the core scene of the play. Act One leads up to it; Act Three is its damage. While the read-through for the act clocked in just under an hour. This run-through takes a little longer with some pauses and repeated cues. I'm not sure how well they can cut that time or if its really possible.

I sketch some more.

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Picture of the Day
That's the Maggie actress, the ear of Doc Baugh, and my stinky foot.

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Anonymous said...

as always, the sketches are fun.