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Wednesday, January 10

I Had the Night Off

It snowed all day here in Asheville but it only started to pile up around 4 p.m. Mayberry, of course, got the barest trace, but enough for Your Sis to get a 2-hour delay at work Wednesday morning. We met up for steaks last night, and returned home to watch TiFauxed shows.

"Simply Ming" featured recipes with mole sauce and a cooking segment with Queer Eye's Ted Allen. Now there's a guy who needs his own Food Network show. He's smart, funny, accustomed to a camera, and he's gay. The latter is just about the only untapped demographic the show left for a new host (the loud cajun, the large Italian, the dainty caterer, the tomboy chef, the Southern aunt, the hyperintelligent house husband, the japanese expert, the British partyboy).

We also caught a "Colbert Report" rerun, and Your Sis has become quite the fan. This from a woman who prides herself on a lack of funny bone.

I then read my monthly haul of comics and drifted off to sleep. This morning I awoke and ran my lines in the shower. Thankfully, Your Sis had already gone to work so she couldn't hear my Southern gargle.

I also determined what my first mini-comic will be, and it's a story I've had percolating for a few years now. I'm still waiting to hear back about Greenville activities for you.

Moving Picture of the Day
Bruce Campbell's Old Spice TV ad. I had no idea this existed until it ran during the Patriots-Jets game Sunday. And as it continued, the laughter built up in my belly until the ad ended, and I could bray like a mule. He's a geek god.

In the News
Bush unveils his not-so-secret Iraq plan tonight. Essentially, he's fighting bigger, not smarter. And then there's still the problem of making religion factions get along.

+ + +

Apple's new gadget is a mobile communications hub, providing phone, browsing and music. They also allegedly played Beatles music on it during the grand announcement which suggests iTunes can finally can distribute their music.

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