Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 15

Days of Wine and Moses

The school varsity basketball coach has a vineyard in his backyard (which I guess should be pronounced backyerd) and recently opened up a wine and beer store in Hendersonville. Nice guy. Great wife. A fun couple. Your Sis and I picked up Sean, the school art teacher, and went to this week's beer tasting at the shop. We've ordered from them before, and last night we walked away with a mixed six-pack and some wine. Sean is a little behind us in getting into wine, and the coach helped us out with suggestions. One was a Spanish wine made to go with sushi. We of course bought that and bragged on you about the It's A Wonderful Sushi night. The three of us then buzzed over to Outback for a leisurely dinner topped off by a hearty conversation on religion. We talked about our experience with her church over the marriage, and why that nudged us out the door, and we all shared idea on how it's other people, not God, that hinder organized religion.

Of course, much school stuff was talked about too. Sean is considering having me talk to some students who want to pursue cartooning and comics. Another teacher told Your Sister that she used to collect my covers when I worked for the Greenville paper, and that could lead to another conversation with students. I told Your Sister to direct her to my website for examples of art.

Moving Picture of the Day

Jerry Seinfeld's CGI bee comedy looks decent, unlike the ones with penguins or rats or cows. Then again, the trailer could be funnier than the film. Watch closely to see Eddie Izzard.

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