Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 22

Potential Fallout

Yesterday, I talked about accusations concerning Your Sis and I from another blogger. This person ranted about Fanboy Reading because the subjects of her diatribe didn't pay enough homage to manga and webcomics. I've since learned that she has a manga-influenced webcomic. So there you have it; she's mad because we don't like what she likes or, more to the point, didn't pay her lip service. I got no response from her after posting my subsequent comments. Probably because I didn't allow them to devolve into hysterical generalization. I don't expect consistent rational discourse online, not when we're swimming in the same ocean with a buncha freaks. But this bolt from the blue was wholly unwelcome and uncalled for. I told Your Sis about it, and she wondered why married couples sharing interests would be called trickery by anyone who is supposedly married, as this woman is.

The stage manager for the play asked me for the link to the theatre blog. I sent it along to her with the caveat that it's purely subjective and intended for a private audience. Not that I said anything untrue. But this kind of disclosure has more impact when its printed. We'll see what happens there.

Picture of the Day
Jordeans' Fall of Man. This is playing a part in my anthology comic.


Anonymous said...

hey. i know it's been a long time since i've sent you a comment. but i have read your postings...all of them...just not necessarily on the day that they are posted.

i'd love to hear and see more of the comic in the works.

Anonymous said...

just noticed the change-up in the title graphic.
muy bien!

Gregory said...

The title bar and profile image will change as whim strikes, but I already have replacement images prepared.

Welcome back to Lettersland.