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Wednesday, March 7

Yeah, I Think I'm Nuts

Just a month after finishing the play, I'm auditioning for another one: a summer stock Shakespeare. Montford Park Players advertised auditions this weekend for Romeo & Juliet and Cyrano DeBergerac. Your Sis loves and teaches both, and I think she talked me into trying out for the former. This comes less than a week after she saw the show in Greenville. I have yet to do a Shakespeare, and I'm eager to try, but this is outdoor summer work. The air will be iffy, the audiences will be distant, and I haven't read the play in years. Also, when am I gonna get that painting started? I'm gonna skim between now the Friday night to pick up William's flow. I don't even know how many parts I'm eligible for. She wants to try for Cyrano, by the way, if her work schedule permits.

I got home early from work and hunkered down to ink, and it's virtually all done. I toiled from 4:15 to about midnight, on and off, to get past this stage, and I have one more panel to tackle.

Picture of the Day
One of the pages in question. It's flat art, and I'll color it later to add volume and light. You can see how I'll use fine art in some panels to refer to legends. The first two panels need inking and a title block. I feel good about the progress I made and feel sure I can knock this comic out before the deadline.

In the News
They found Scooter guilty of most counts in the CIA leak trial. The consensus is that he was the patsy for the administration, and left unanswered is the question as to who ordered the leak. It wasn't Libby, and fingers point to Cheney or Rove, but further charges are unlikely to descend. Speaking of Cheney, he's been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis after his lengthy flight about the globe. He's receiving blood-thinners but a clot could kill him, and Utterly Hysterical Rumors abound that he might step down for health reasons.

+ + +

Remember the giant crossover event Marvel Comics was doing, this big hero fight over registration legislation? The miniseries ended two weeks ago, but the Big Event was published just today: Captain America was killed by a sniper. Now when I say "killed," you have to understand that death in comics is a joke. Anyone can come back at any time. Jean Grey came back twice, and Cap's WWII sidekick -- the standard of "dead is dead" arguments -- returned recently after 40something years. The national media picked up the story, and now it's everywhere to the anger of comic fans who waited taken great pains to not have the Big Event spoiled for them. Me? Eh. I haven't read that book in years, and I don't think they're gonna kill off that character. He'll be back in the middle of another giant crossover.

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