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Monday, April 23

Fast Breaks and Shirtless Gardening

I got home Friday to learn that I was allowed to play in the faculty vs. seniors basketball game. I learned this 30 minutes before gametime. We talked on the phone briefly, and then I changed and ran all the way to the school. I had about 15 minutes of shoot-around time and introductions before we started. It was a loose game. Set up as a fundraiser, there were maybe 50 people watching in the gym as the nice weather kept everyone away. Each team had to play two women at all times, and I worked the game as a back-up. Two volleyball girls refereed, and neither knew the rules all that well. Also the scorekeeper was constantly confused as to which team was which, and another student gave play-by-play over the PA for the whole game. A tad distracting. I was happy with the time I had on the court, but it had abeen a while since I had even touched a basketball, so I didn't expect to hit all-star numbers. Didn't make a shot, mad a few bad passes, but I did block well (always my specialty), and I made a fast break or two. I was referred to by the announcer as Your Sister's Husband for the game. We won on a last-second shot. The team was carried by the basketball coach, who was throwing down threes all game. After, the faculty went to the pub for beers. I was sore. Your Sister stayed on the court for much longer and played hard. I was impressed with her effort. She did good. I wish more students were there to see that.

On Saturday, we took Your Parents out for lunch and to visit downtown. They like the new car, and we had a good time with them. After some coffee at Malaprops, we bought them some snacks at the Chocolate Fetish. It was oddly warm, and we got home early enough for me to attack the weeds and garden, and, per her request, without a shirt. I never do this, but a husband has to keep the missus happy. I also got to work our some of the soreness for the previous night's game. I have to say that I'm shedding the winter shapelessness, and I'm toning up a bit. I hope to run today to get over the last of the basketball soreness. I picked up a to-go order in the new car and discovered that driving it at night is like being in the Red October. It's black and silver and red and very, very cool. We filled up the car with gas for the first time since buying the car, and we got something like 425 miles on one tank. If we had decent gas prices, this would be quite a bargain.

We had lunch with Kathy, Travis, and their baby on Sunday. She's a good child, attentive, and happy. This led to a short conversation about us having kids, and we're both of the same mind: No. The good weather continued, and she declared I would grill steaks for supper. And I did. Again, happy missus upkeep.

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