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Thursday, May 24

I Feel 30 Pounds Lighter

The dentists visit was just a consult after all. I was told of the various ways they could sedate me and that my teeth aren't going to be a problem to remove. They are not impacted. I was shaking the entire time, waiting for the soap-opera revelation of Dire Destiny. "Those wisdom teeth have hatched into venomous spiders and tranfsformed your entire head into a ticking time-bomb. Nurse, get me the hatchet." But no. I have an appointment for June 27 to have them yanked and have already secured the day off from work. I also have an entire bottle of Loratab to tide me over 'til then if need be.

We watched the final "Six Feet Under," and it's a whopper of an ending. Deeply satisfying stuff here. Not enough to bring the tears though.

The season finale of "Lost" brought the awesome by the buckets and proved that the first six episodes of this season were an aberration. Great acting, great writing, some resolutions, and a lot of new intrigue. A very satisfying installment to end on. Your Sis did get hit hard by one scene, but I was too distracted by the storytelling.

Also, the comic is 98% done. She found a few typos. Easily fixed.

And with these big events, I feel like I've shaken off some winter coat, like I've accomplished something. I awoke this morning feeling like I had started summer vacation. Despite the baffling absence of bottled caramel frappuccino from all the convenience stores, I had a great commute with some sterling music and I said "fuck it" and bought a frappuccino from the supermarket Starbucks booth.

I feel lighter. Or maybe light-headed. It is a lot of caffeine, you know.

Picture of the Day
Saturday morning on CBS featured live-action superhero and space-action material. This was my favorite:

Although I took, at the time, strange and unknown interest in the Mighty Isis.

Her alter ego was a petite, brunette school teacher. I must have imprinted.

But "Shazam" was the cooler show, and Captain Marvel was my favorite hero, and I think he still is. I do have an action figure of him on my desk at work, the only geek concession I've made at the office. The shows were influenced by the Hulk, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman live-action shows shown in primetime weekdays. And the two bionic shows proved the appeal of sci-fi. It was a cool time for kids to watch TV.

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