Letters to Holly

Wednesday, May 9

The Idea Blooms

I had the notion of a publishing title for years now and considered it for a name of the mini-comic. It was a light-hearted, goofy turn of phrase. But as I started to compile story ideas, I brainstormed on building a tale around the title itself, and suddenly I have a Very Big Idea that can be a series of stories, all stemming from a once-throwaway joke name. And it would be darker, less screwball. I'm being vague, I know, but I'm still swimming in the happy ether of a thought explosion, and this is a temporary euphoria that could appear as pathetic delusion once my brain settles down. I might trash the whole idea. Or not. At this point, I have to pursue something to make the comic (or maybe comics) before the convention. So I'll work with this for now. The first issue of this would be all introduction with later stories to follow.

I have a handful of mini-comics from other guys working with the publisher so I have templates to follow in size and presentation.

We had a teacher pal over for dinner as part of our planned open-house events. We want to throw parties this summer, and a small dinner is akin to cracking our knuckles before getting to work. Your Sis made stir-fry, and many school matters were discussed. I contributed the geek topics.

Picture of the Day
Here's how far I got with the screwball idea before my mind turned a corner. This was going to be my cover art. The Podunk story did the exact same thing. It was to be a parody of 1950 atomic monster movies, and then it became a statement on simmering racism. It lost the fun but became something more substantial. This threatens to do the same, just without, so far, the social commentary.

I am so fucking jazzed right now. It's like I drank seven crackuccinos.

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