Letters to Holly

Wednesday, May 30

Running on Empty

I downloaded the weekly Savage Love podcast, Dan Savage's audio version of his syndicated sex-advice column. The podcast usually averages 20 minutes, but this week's installment clocked in at just over 29 minutes. I wanted to try running with a spoken word recording instead of music, and this seemed to be the best opportunity. I went back to the college, ran my laps, and finished a 5k run before the podcast ended. That's faster than my official race time from Halloween. I'm at least five pounds lighter since then, and I'm no longer killing myself on the hills. I can work a stride now.

Your Sis nears the deadline for the AP lesson plans, and she is chugging to the finish line on fumes. She went to bed early last night after working past midnight on Monday. She's going to finish this; she really has no choice. But she's going to collapse when it's over. This has dragged her down for weeks, and it's consumed the majority of her free time. She is fried. And she still has research papers to grade.

I just learned that I won third place for Cover Design from the College Fraternity Editors Association. This was for the brass collage I did last spring. We didn't go to their annual convention this year, so I missed my chance at basking in the polite applause. Having just checked the winning magazine's website, I can see the judges prefer a traditional style. Actually, I should say the winners made better covers, and my cover was a better illustration. But there's no category for illustrations in this organization. One could then say -- and I shall -- my illustration was so good that it came in third for a category it shouldn't have entered.

Picture of the Day
Mozart don't sweat the girls.

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