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Friday, September 28

End of Second Week

I met Your Sis for dinner with her new coworker, and I wolfed down a sandwich before leaving for the warehouse.

Thursday afternoon, a director email arrived with this info:

Next week is not only a new week but a new month! October means that we have only four more weeks of rehearsal before we open. These past two weeks have been gratifying watching the characters develop.

Attorney Flint is learning all his lines so quickly! I hope the rest of you are. The depth of your character cannot be plumbed until those words come out automatically. They are the key to this person you are trying to be. Acting can't really start until the character is formed with words.
When we arrive for rehearsals, the director has me run through my opening arguments in front of the actors. While part of this was to kill time while we waited for the defendant to arrive, it also feels like I was serving as an example to those not there last night. Around 7:20, we stop killing time and begin Act Three. My secretary plays the part of the defendant, who never did arrive. Again, while I'm not "onstage," I'm memorizing lines in Act One. I nailed down about 8 pages yesterday, and I'm now within sight of the end of the act. I will definitely be able to have it committed to memory by this weekend, and I'm aiming for the first five pages of Act Two as well.

The costume person (and now I know there's a costume person) has asked us to come up with our own duds. I'll hit the local charity stores to see if I can find an appropriate suit. I've also been told I don't have to shave the beard.

The director praised the timing and delivery of the Act Three material and noted the "fire" of the closing arguments. The actress playing the stripper is really digging into her role. She has a nice organic reading of her role -- nice pauses, nice enunciations. I should also note that Doc is a completely different person in this show. He's much more jovial and with it, and I think he's indeed playing up to this new level of responsibility.

We have a nice break before Tuesday. My brain will get a bit of a breather, and I'll recite lines as I'm working in the garden this weekend.

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Missed him by a mile. Maybe the Force is strong with his foot. Also? Luke has chicken legs. If he spent, let's say, two months running around Dagobah and getting his jedi on, he should be sporting some significant quad-dage.

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