Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 16

Domestic Material

I managed to install the door lock backward, and the bolt would slip free of the strike plate even if the knob was locked. I drove out to Lowe's thinking I needed to get a left-hand lock. None of the locks were labeled as designed for either side of a door, but as I looked over the knob pieces, I figured out that I could simply take everything apart, turn the lock assembly upside down, and reassemble the knob. And I did. So now the cleaning lady, who as I write this is probably rifling through my coin jars, cannot get inside my workshop unless she also possesses cat burglar skills.

Also as I type, I assume we now have a new niece. Your Parents were scheduled to drive down to be there for the cesarean, but I've heard nothing about how it went. This would be a good time for Your Mom to calm the waters over Thanksgiving. Your Sis called Your Brother this weekend and left a message. I don't think she's heard back yet, but he might be a scoash busy.

I memorized the second page of my closing monologue and almost completed the third before my mind closed up shop for the night. I had reached my cognition quota for the day. And then I ate pie.

I won my second week of fantasy football, making me 2-4 for the season.

Picture-Accompanied Spontaneous Poetry of the Day
Jupiter beckons.

There are no plays on Jupiter.
There are no telemarketers there.
No alarms and potholes and tags.

It's a giant ball of cold and cloud.
And probably smells like a goat.
A goat 20 times the size of the earth.
Who wouldn't want to gaze upon that?

If such a thing existed, you'd find it only there.
In the dark and quiet and still.

Jupiter beckons.


Anonymous said...

hey you. i called penn last night, and was told that things went well and that Bailey weighed 7 lbs. 11 ounces.

Gregory said...

Good. Good good good.

Thanks for the heads up.