Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 23

The Little Things

As San Diego burns, and Atlanta and Durham subsist on quickly dwindling water (less than 90 days' worth for each town), we're getting constant rain and cooler weather. Fall is creeping upon us.

We considered a jack o'lantern party for this Saturday, but I was afraid we'd have a rehearsal shoehorned in that day, and indeed we now do. Your Sis itches to throw a party and asks me about hosting a cast party. Shouldn't be a problem. If they attend this as well as they do rehearsals, we'll only have about six people show up.

I have the itch to run again, and I'm assuring myself that I have only three weeks left until the play is over. That seems pretty short, but that notion will be destroyed by the upcoming week of full-length rehearsals, including the always hellish tech rehearsal and a pre-opening family attendance night. I ran lines during this three-day break and checked the script to correct some accidental word replacement ("loyalty" instead of "admiration," etc.).

The NFL Contest
NFC: New Orleans (2-4), St. Louis (0-7)
AFC: Indianapolis (6-0), New England (6-0)

NFC: New Orleans (2-4), Carolina (4-2)
AFC: New England (7-0), San Diego (3-3)

Such a weird year in the NFL. Two teams are undefeated, two teams have no wins; Miami could got the whole year without a win with no QB or RB, and they play in London next weekend. This is the NFL's first regular season game in Europe, and it oddly follows the shuttering of the European wing of the NFL.

I won my fantasy league thanks to a savvy free-agent acquisition and Tom Brady casually throwing up ungodly numbers every week.

Picture of the Day
What kind of kids love Armour hot dogs?


Anonymous said...

your picture of the day is extremely unsettling. that is quite a tongue. i can only imagine what her tonsils must look like...especially since i spent all morning examing the lymphatic system.

Gregory said...

Are you using models? Cadavers?

Anonymous said...

slides of human tissue