Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 24

Avoiding the Draft

One of Your Sister's coworkers has restarted her effort to recruit me as a teacher. The last two times she's called, she's given me the hard sell. But she also mentioned an option I'm not so averse to: Reading storybooks at the elementary school. Her husband teaches there, and he likes to bring in guests for storytime. Not only would it give provide a small theatrical outlet, but it would get me out of work.

Picture of the Day
Last year, the U.S. Army paid for subtle advertisements in Marvel comic books. Instead of buying regular full-page ads, they paid instead for army logos and placards to appear inside of comic panels. This year, ABC is doing the same to sell Lost. Below, you'll see a pic of Kate and a drawing of someone who appears to be modeled after Hurley.

Recent comic artists are also drawing celebrities as characters in comics, and Sawyer is obviously starring in a current Marvel comic, probably without the actor's knowledge or permission. You can see more examples from just one title here.

Also, keep in mind that Lost runs on Thursdays starting next week.


Anonymous said...

will you keep me informed with your dad's news? i'll understand if its not through the blog...

Gregory said...

Sure. There's still no news as yet, but hopefully tonight I'll hear something.