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Monday, February 4

Super Bowl Weekend

I auditioned for another play with the local group. This is a four-person murder drama with a different director, and he approached me a few months back to audition. Three people showed up Saturday for the first audition, and I was one of them. The others were there for the young con guy and the older man's wife. We read long scenes (instead of the usual two-page readings), and we were close to blocking and directing the scenes. If we three people are cast, that would leave a younger woman's role, and she would be the mistress of the character I read for. I hope that doesn't go to one of Your Sister's students. Tad awkward. I should find out today if I got the role.

We watched Omega Man, the second film adaptation of I Am Legend, and the last before the Will Smith movie.

The order goes like this:
I Am Legend story
The Last Man on Earth film
The Omega Man film
I Am Legend film

I can definitively say now that the Smith movie adapted Omega Man, and the filmmakers may never have even glanced at the cover of the original story. Given that, they did a nice job. Omega man is a vehicle for Charlton Heston, and I tried to prepare Your Sister for his fiery machismo. He did spend a third of the movie shirtless before discovering and conquering the supercool, leather-clad, black mama. Your Sis now also has the story in print. I haven't read it in ten years or so, but I remember it as a good precursor to Stephen King.

Dad looks OK. The growth under his arm is mostly internal, and it's mostly an inconvenience. The doctor's report says he has enlarged nodes throughout his torso, some possibly causing his heart to race but that could be from the caffeine. He's eating well and seemed in good spirits. We did have a long sit-down about domestic budgeting and insurance planning. He also wants to buy us stuff, and I'm trying to politely decline.

I didn't make the cut for the superheroine contest, and I won't know what the winning proposals look like for another month. They better be good. They better win me over.

Hey, any luck seeing Hillary today?

Picture of the Day
Is Indy looking for the Ark?

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