Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 12

They're Back

Around 1:30, as I finished cleaning Your Parent's house, I called the travel agency to get their flight number. The woman who was supposed to pick them up bailed on us, and all she had was an arrival time of 7 p.m. I wanted more info in case of delay. About two hours later, the agent called me back to say her information was different; they were to land at 3:30 in Charlotte. I explained that we had the later arrival time for a few weeks now, and she offered to call the airline to confirm. When she called back, she said they were now scheduled to arrive in Asheville at 5:30. She gave me the flight number, and I left work early to meet them. And I ran into my first gridlock in months.

Luckily, I got there about 5:10 and waited. Fifteen minutes later, out they strolled from the only terminal and were surprised to see me. They expected the other lady. Also, they barely made their flight because they also thought they had a later departure. All was OK. They took me out to dinner, and I dropped them off at the house almost half an hour before their original arrival time.

I picked up Your Sis when I drove home , and we ate dinner out, and I woke up this morning still full from two meals. Today, I am sporting one of the shirts Your Parents picked up for me, a right nice Hard Rock Rio shirt.

Picture of the Day
I think it's a statue.

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