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Wednesday, July 9

The Phantom of the Drama

You might remember the director of the courtroom play, and the horrible backstage shit that she sparked. She has returned. She's working backstage on the annual kids show. I can only assume this is a test to see if she's salvageable.

I had little problem with her during rehearsals, but things fell apart during performance week. She lost her shit over an actor who wanted to direct, and she took it public in emails, and she went nukulur on the stage managers. We had a coffee chat a few weeks after the show closed, and it was pleasant enough when she wasn't harping on the stage-light debacle. She gave me prints of DVD captures to show other cast members and prove her argument. It was my understanding that she alienated a good stage-manager team, a number of actors, and the president of the theatre. Maybe this is a one-time deal.

Actually, as I think on it, the director of the kids show was the script-committee member who gossiped about her the most. Now they're working the same show, and I wonder if the director had any say in the matter. Getting tech crew for this theater's shows is often a struggle. Perhaps she was desperate for help.

I've been asked to compile my list of script preferences for tonight's meeting. I've read 30 scripts so far, and hopefully, we'll only get a few more to read; I know we're asked to consider The Rainmaker as a drama.

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