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Tuesday, July 1

Running Out of Time

Your Sis pruned the front walk yesterday and probably gave herself a massive sunburn despite the cloudy skies. It looms much better now, and the bushes don't loom so carnivorously. The garden has made another leap because of the rains.

This cooler weather encouraged me to run for the first time in a month. I ran around My Parents' neighborhood while waiting for Dad's visitation, so that was just over a month ago. I drove to the college to run; I hadn't been there to run since last summer. The school's a ghost town again, and I can run without too many distractions or embarrassing myself to the young'uns. I ran a 5k. It hurt. The headwind was not my friend, and my legs are now very sore. The subsequent wings and beer helped though.

We have a script meeting tonight, and I've enjoyed a week off from the readings. The July 10 deadline doesn't give us much time to choose our next season, but the theatre renovations may delay the season's start even more. I would rather not attempt to read new scripts; instead, I'd rather we re-read the ones most of us have graded. Give them all a second chance to win us over. I've read 26 scripts since April, and the majority of those since May. I think it unlikely to now find a new script that shoves another show out of contention. If we're still to assemble a season made of high-profile shows, we can't waste time reading small-time stories no one's heard of. We have to raise money. We need crowdpleasers. We need to produce requested plays.

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