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Thursday, July 24

Script Out of Nowhere

And after all that, I'm getting another script this weekend. The committee chair got his hands on a script he's been curious about for a few weeks, read, it loved, it, and arranged for it to make the reading rounds before the next meeting. One person will not be able to read it -- the tired pessimist -- and I'm sure she'll be ecstatic to read a new play in the last week of deliberations. Thrilled. The chair says it's a quick read, one set, and can fit on the small stage from the Spring murder play. This means, of course, I must destroy it with my score.

I made my initial six picks this morning of the plays I prefer -- my own personal theatre season -- and I'll revise it each day until the meeting.

This is the finalist list. My initial picks are in bold.

A Trip to Bountiful -- downer
The Glass Menagerie --
better-known downer

Crimes of the Heart -- Southern domestic travails
The Rainmaker --
midwest romance

A Murder Is Announced -- Agatha Christie play with kooky maid
Murder By Natural Causes -- modern doctor murder plot
The House on the Cliff -- old-fashioned gothic play
The Mousetrap --
the most popular mystery play ever

Night Must Fall -- English psychological thriller
Night Watch --
American '50s psychological thriller

, Book and Candle -- witchcraft romance
Critic’s Choice -- drama critic's wife writes a bad play
Home Free -- woman juggles two lovers
My Three Angels
-- a kinder Marx Brothers
Six Rms, Riv Vu --
Barefoot in the Park with cheating spouses
Take a Number, Darling -- New York comedy of errors
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge -- Christmas Carol in a courtroom

Don’t Dress for Dinner -- spouses trade partners, try to hide affairs during dinner
Perfect Wedding -- the groom cheats in the bridal suite

Glass Menagerie and Rainmaker may be too similar; the daughters pine for love but don't know how to get it. I'll probably switch Rainmaker for Crimes of the Heart. It calls for more women in leading roles, and our theater can manage that.Yeah, we have to shelve the better plays because of our locale, audience, and capability. It sucks a bit.

Picture of the Day
An ad for opaque pantyhose.

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