Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 15

A Very Quick Lesson in Satire

This is funny:

This is why:
It gives light to the bigoted paranoia on the fringe right. It exposes the hollow rabble-rousing of the talk-show hosts desperate to create scandal. It deflates the simmering fears of those influenced by either.

Anyone who pretends to be outraged is either trying to get on TV or stands revealed as a muckraker. All those people who still harp on Barack's middle name? This is for them. All those people who claim they don't get the joke? Idiots and liars.

The magazine struck a nerve and plastered the conversation on their cover. Audiences have to confront what they profess. This is what good print journalism does.

+ + +

I ran some more and may have hit my limit on sun intake. My nose is all ouchy. How did you manage in Swaziland?

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