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Thursday, September 4

Are You Ready for Some Rhetoric?

We made our annual bet about the new NFL season.

Her teams
Patriots, Chargers
Panthers, Giants

My Teams
Steelers, Jaquars
Panthers, Cowboys

The winner gets to boast and wear a customized Burger King crown. 

+ + + 

Football season opens tonight, and John Mccain better hope the opening game doesn't go into overtime. He's scheduled to speak after that game, and one wonders how many die-hard sports fans will be sober/energetic enough to listen to a political speech.  I'll stay up to hear him, but I don't expect much beyond playing the military card.

Palin's speech last night was surprisingly weak stuff. It wasn't written well, and that may have affected her delivery. It wasn't the home-run she needed. I wonder how well she can debate Biden. She'll get plenty of education on piolicy matters from her new campaign staff, but can she keep it together?  The new conversation on her is whether she'll make it to the election. I don't see her dropping out unless something really big is uncovered. Given the number of disclosures since her coronation, it's not impossible. 

Picture of the Day
The DJ Car

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