Letters to Holly

Thursday, September 18

A New Game

Our NFL Bet
Her Teams
Patriots (2-0), Chargers (0-2)
Panthers (2-0), Giants (2-0)

My Teams
Steelers (2-0), Jaguars (0-2)
Panthers(2-0), Cowboys (2-0)

A new Star Wars game, Force Unleashed, is out for the major gaming systems, and the first five minutes of it surpasses everything we saw in Clone Wars. We get the blue text, the horns blaring, the shrinking logo, crawling yellow text, and the camera pans down to a planet and a Star Destroyer. I smilled and smiled and smiled.

The game is between Episodes 3 and 4, and it, so far, involves Darth raising an apprentice from childhood. Players learn the game basics by playing as Darth leading an Imperial assault on the Wookie homeworld. The game allows you to grab a wild variety of objects with the Force and toss them. This includes dead Troopers and attacking Wookies. You can force choke, you can block blaster fire with the lightsaber, you can throw your saber and kill specific targets. This is as far as I've gotten so far because I went back to do it again. It's glee.

Asheville comes to Mayberry tonight for a football game, and we're going. The weekend looks open so far.

The garden is winding down. The cold seems to hit the tomatoes hard, and we'll be lucky to get three ears of corn. I think I planted too late. But the soil will have plenty of nutrients for next year.

Picture of the Day
We didn't pick the Vikings this year.

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