Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 14

Columbus Weekend

All quick like:

1) A Friday night party allowed Your Sis to blow some steam before hitting the grindstone starting Saturday and stretching to this coming weekend. I saw her only a few hours starting Saturday morning.

2) I, meanwhile, ran some more. It hurt. The weather was hotter and windier, and they conspired against me. I have less than two weeks before the race. I want to grow a third leg.

3) I met with the student on Monday for our first official mentoring session. He brought his laptop to one of our dozen coffee shops, and I showed him simple tips for the Adobe package he purchased. I told him he could write it off on taxes, and it baffled him. He has a good foundation for this kind of work, and he should have no problems. He wants to make a marketing package for his church, and his contacts are not giving him the information he needs to create the logo.

I also found out that there are two other kids who need similar mentoring, and I'm 25
5 tempted to volunteer for them. But I realize this is a trap to turn me into a teacher, and I avoid it.

4) I spent the weekend convinced the restoration company had stolen a toy from my workshop. I worked myself into a tizzy about confronting them until I realized I don't remember the last time I saw it. However, the company hasn't followed up on their estimate to fix our drywall damaged by the water heater failure. There has to be some reason why they dropped the ball, and I thought at the time that thief guilt had kept them away.

5) Your Sis has commissioned me to make four one-page origin comic page for the hallway. I made a handful of superheroines for a comic contest earlier this year, and the ideas have too much potential to disappear.

6) The candidates for our local education offices feature an election sign with an ugly typo and a restraining order keeping one nominee off school grounds.

7) The new issue of Runners magazine says caffeine helps runners. More Starbucks pour moi!

8) The new Star Wars videogame may have the best story for a licensed product, but I have to wait for the ending to see if it holds up. But so far, I'm gobsmacked by how smart it is. Also, I sliced through Jawas and tackled a Star Destroyer by waving at it.

Picture of the Day
I fell in love with a painting Friday. It's at an Asheville gallery, and this online photo does it no justice. It's colors are breathtaking. I adore it. It's the perfect size for the composition, and it immediately places me inside the scene. The moon is a tiny glop of brazen white paint, and it mesmerizes. I want it. But I can't drop $2,500 for it. I've never wanted a local artist's work as much as I want this. I'm heartsick with infatuation.

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