Letters to Holly

Monday, November 10

A Speedy Weekend

It just flew by because we stayed busy.

On Friday, we attended a birthday party, and Your Sister belted out karaoke. I stayed on the sidelines and evaded it. But I was reminded that I had done it a few years back ("Time Warp" from Rocky Horror), something I completely forgot. Earlier in the day, I bought skeleton gloves for the play. They're stylish, I want to wear them everywhere.

On Saturday, she did school work, attended a baby shower, and we both went to a teacher party that night. I spent the day with laundry and line memorization.

On Sunday, she did more schoolwork, and I encountered a slew of high-school and college people on Facebook. We ate a homemade beef stew Your Sis made. It was yummers.

Picture of the Day
A few thoughts on taxation.

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