Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 1

Catching Up

On the way out of town Wednesday, we hit the grocery store for the duck dish ingredients. We saw the recipe on Good Eats months and months ago. I downloaded the instructions and realized it's a much easier recipe when one buys only duck breasts and not entire birds. We drove to Asheville and found The Noodle Shop is closed for repairs. The sprinkler system damaged their floor. Also, the air was stupid cold. We ice-skated for about an hour, and I fell not once. The trick was to remember to use my heels for balance. We might go back within the week. I also took her to the new comic shop, and she bought a book for her class.

I tried out the telescope Your Dad handed down to me. The cold kept us from playing with it too much, but we did spy craters on the moon, and that's utterly cool. We cooked red pepper asparagus soup (a mix available at Target), and it's very good stuff. Reruns of MASH helped us make it to midnight, and we crashed soon after.

The duck turned out pretty well. Tastes like chicken. You steam it for 45 minutes by placing the pieces in a colander inside a large pot. Then you sear the skin in an iron skillet for about ten minutes. It's very easy.

Since then ... well, I toiled and labored on the comic page. My lettering is pathetic, and I have to find a quicker method of making pages if I'm to publish anything. Your Sis prepared for Monday's start to the 2009 school semester. It was much too cold to run. We saw Doubt and almost came to blows over the story. Great film.

Picture of the Day
I used this as the cover art for Your Sister's new mix CD.

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did you ever see the buffy the vampire slayer creator's pet project during the writer's strike...dr horrible's sing along blog, starring neil patrick harris?