Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 8

It's Time to Light the Lights.

Oh yeah, I can hook you up with Muppet names. Your Sis and I got into a Muppet groove last night, and we saw them in the faces of real people. A guest of Keith Olbermann's show looked so much like Scooter that we suggested his eyes were actually painted on his glasses.

If you get a chance to watch the DVDs of the original Muppet Show, do so. It's a continuation of the 1970s variety-show style (much like the Star wars Christmas special). Just as this decade is a flood of reality/contest shows, the '70s were all about variety shows. The Muppet Show was another one, but populated with felt folks and presenting one or two humans each week. The Star Wars folks made appearances.

For instance:

The bad guy turned out to be Darth Gonzo.

The show aired Thursdays on ABC at 7:30, before local affiliates could air syndicated material before primetime. When The Muppet Show aired each week, the neighborhood closed down. No one was outside.

There's nothing really going on at home. Your Sis gears up for next week's exams, and I'm plodding along on my comic page. I want to redo the whole thing, but my plan is to simply finish it and move to the next page. I can't overwork the page in search of protection. I've already decided that computer lettering is the best route, and I started that last night.

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