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Wednesday, February 11

Being Nice Only Leads to Defeat

I thought I'd be a nice son and send my Mom a bouquet for Valentine's Day. I wanted to surprise her. I found a decent online flower service, and it offers a nice gift basket. Thought she'd dig it. She works at the hospital, and I know that it could be complicated to send the package to the correct mailbox/receptionist. I found the address online.

I then rechecked the flower service and realized it was a national service with ties to a shop I know from my hometown. I called that shop, hoping to save some service charges and maybe get the order delivered quicker and correctly. The store told me the bouquet I wanted was only available through the online service. They were no help. Pout.

I go back to the national website and prepare to enter the right address. I use the hospital site to find a number, and I call the front desk. I ask to talk to someone in my mom's department: neonatal ICU. It's a huge branch. Dozens of people. I knew that they would all know mom and could be trusted to keep this a secret until the order arrived in a few days.

So of course the operator patches me straight through to Mom's phone. And she answers. And I'm busted. Total happenstance. The operator had no idea who I was or why I was calling. Of all the hundreds of people I could have been routed to, it's Mom. So I tell her the truth. I even let her choose what type of arrangement she'd prefer. She picks the chocolate basket. We share a laugh. I just talked to her last night, and we're already caught up. Phone call over. Surprise ruined.


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Dharma wallpaper. Lost is on tonight.

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