Letters to Holly

Friday, February 6


From this week's Lost:Remember the water bottle from the canoe? It was from Ajira Air. ABC has already put up a fake website for the airline. Also, I realized yesterday that the Oceanic Six have recreated their circumstances from before their crash on the island. Sayid is fighting shadowy agents, Hugo is locked up and bedeviled, Jack is a drunk with a body in tow, Kate is on the lam even though she's doing the right thing, Aaron is headed to where he shouldn't go, and Sun has a secret. Maybe they have to relive their original destinies.

After eating raw fish Wednesday, I went the other route and burned dinner last night. My fried chicken was charred black. I'm still learning my skillet-fu.

I may have finished the major pencils for the comic. I can start inking tomorrow.

Picture of the Day
Here's the poster for the convention where the comic anthology will be unveiled.

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